Ghosts and Ghouls of Edinburgh

If you are looking for a scary night-time stroll with blood-curdling stories of infamous murders, tales of the black plague - one outbreak killed nearly half the city's population - and other nasty goings on then this the tour for you. Be warned this is not a tour for the faint hearted!
By day Edinburgh is a bustling metropolis – but at night the old buildings and narrow closes take on a more sinister air. A long history of murder, torture, hangings and plague has left a haunting legacy on the city's Old Town and ghostly apparitions now walk its streets.Enter the underground vaults whose walls, it is said, have absorbed the memories of those who once lived and worked there – and perhaps still do!. This part of the tour is not for the faint-hearted. Cling tightly to the person beside you: we try to leave with the same number as we had on going in!